Allen W. McDaniel Jr. is the author and principal presenter of our seminar material.

Allen's business career began as a consultant in New York City for one of the world's largest companies in the late 1960's. While there he did consulting work for General Electric, Boeing Aircraft and many major shipping lines among others. He had made a major move and was serving as the president of a small full service advertising agency in the mid-1970's when a radical encounter with Jesus Christ led to his being called into the ministry.

In the more than three decades since then Allen has managed to continue with a vigorous, exciting ministry, often paralleled with business and consulting activities, that rather than taking away from his service to the Lord, greatly expand it.

Allen has served as the pastor of a church in the suburbs of New York City, then traveled across the United States with his lovely wife Alice preaching and teaching in churches of more than a dozen denominations. He founded a church in the Orlando, Florida area as well as Christian two schools providing grades from Pre-K to 12th grade.

For more than 10 years Allen hosted radio broadcasts on both secular and Christian radio in New York, Florida, and the Caribbean.

He has had a book published about his experience as a missionary living in the bush in Central America where he was hit by a speeding semi-truck. In the late 1990's he was the CEO of one of the largest Christian Internet ventures of the time. He has served as the Manager of Church Relations for a major Christian publishing house and was instrumental in bringing to the marketplace an innovative video technology making Internet broadcasting accessible not only to the business world and large churches, but to small churches and ministries.

Allen currently has dedicated himself fully to the leadership of BibleTalk, a ministry with both a local and international focus, to conducting seminars and workshops for the MD Solomon Institute, and to writing a series of teaching books on important biblical topics entitled Simple Truths for Complex Times.

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