What Others Say About Our Seminars


“I've been to a lot of seminars — I go to them all of the time, this was awsome!”
     Chamber of Commerce Executive - Modesto, California

“I've been to many, many business seminars and this is truly the most motivational that I've ever heard.”
     Editor - Business Magazine

“The promotional and preliminary literature really doesn't give any idea of how great this seminar really is!”
     Central Florida Business Owner

"Words cannot express how amazing this was. I am better equipped to go out 'there' and do great things for the Kingdom of God!"
     Attendee - Manchester, England

“Yes, yes, yes! Thanks for the insights. Simple enough for me to use, to apply to the different areas of my life. You have given me courage and strength for the journey.”
     Business Woman - Syracuse, New York

“One of the most professional presentations that I've ever seen!"
     Attendee - Oxnard, California

"This was a professional delivery of impoertant topics in a practical, fun, and serious way! Helpful tools to apply key principles."
     Business Advisor - London, England

“I've been to business seminars, and I've been to Bible seminars, but I've never been to anything that put the two together like this — it was great!”
     Pastor - Central California

“Excellent! Entertaining...this is not only a seminar on business, it's a seminar on life!”
     Business Owner - Longwood, Florida

“At last, a seminar that clearly states proven business skills for obtaining success supported through Scripture... wonderful. I can't wait to start putting them into practice!”
     Business Woman - Naples, Florida

“It was fantastic! I’d like to see it presented at churches all over the country.”
     Pastor - Livermore, California

“This seminar is spectacular! It has already changed my life!”
     Central California Business Owner

“This has really been a great business seminar. And by the way, I got about a year's worth of ideas for sermon topics.”
     California Pastor

“Outstanding, needed by all Christians!”
     Pastor - Oakdale, California

“Wonderful - Great! This seminar was just what we needed.”
     Pastor - Jacksonville, Florida

“Creating an awareness of the possibilities in life through God's promises, it really instills hope.”
     Church Elder - Decatur, Georgia

“I am so glad that people from my congregation went to this seminar.”
     Pastor - Modesto, California

“The steps for dealing with disagreements were practical and really helpful!”
     Pastor - Green Cove Springs, Florida

“I thoroughly enjoyed it since I have to deal with these things every day.
     Businessman - Atlanta, Georgia


Star Rating

Over the past years we have been dilligent to get feedback from people who have attended our seminars. All of the comments on the left are taken directly from our post-seminar surveys and are typical of the responses.

We have also asked attendees to rate the seminar on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) and have received an average rating over the years of:



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