The M.D. Solomon Institute is a part of BibleTalk, Incorporated, a world-wide non-denominational, not-for-profit, ministry.

Our purpose is threefold:
1. To assist the local church to equip, strengthen, and encourage Christians to lead a Christ-like, God glorifying, victorious life every day of the week—with an emphasis on the workplace.

To provide practical, powerful teaching and training on the very best ethical and moral business practices available anywhere.

3. To train and raise up others who can also go out and bring instruction on faith in the workplace and in everyday life to the church throughout the world.

We conduct seminars and workshops for companies, churches, schools and the general public. These range from a comprehensive two day seminar to 1-3 forty-five minute workshops. In addition to being an incredibly great teaching series for adults, much of the material is ideal for upper grades of high school and college level students. We are also now starting a formal program with a School of Business and a School of Ministry. This will be implemented through distance education and remote campuses in participating churches in the United States, Latin America, the UK, Europe and Africa as well as at a main campus in Florida.

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